Data Center Cleaning from DataSpan

Protect infrastructure assets with our specialized anti-static cleaning services

Data Center Cleaning from DataSpanThe best way to eliminate downtime is to stop problems before they start. Our specialized cleaning services will protect your storage media and other important infrastructure assets, as well as your staff — while you continue your up-time operations.

Our experienced data center cleaning staff is comprised of technically skilled specialists that have gone through extensive background checks for high-security clearance, and have gained expertise cleaning hundreds of data centers across the country. Each employee attends comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure the strictest standards of excellence are upheld, and to stay informed on the latest in technology, equipment and best practices.

  • Sub-Floor Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Deck Seal
  • Equipment and Above-Floor Cleaning
  • Above-Ceiling Cleaning
  • Environmental Audits and Reporting
  • Disaster Recovery Services

Ensure your data center is free of zinc whiskers, ferrous metals, metal shavings and other destructive contaminants. We check cooling, heating and air flow levels, and thoroughly test data centers and clean rooms to detect harmful residues or the presence of any other contaminants. This process results in critical baseline data that allows you to measure the effectiveness of all subsequent cleanings. To maintain OSHA compliance and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) compliance, we can design a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan according to federal and ISO standards, customized for your unique space and ongoing maintenance needs. DataSpan will focus on you and your unique challenges, so you can stay ahead of your data well beyond tomorrow. DataSpan: 1-800-660-3586.