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Sony StorStation LIB-D81/A2 - Tape autoloader - 400 GB / 1.04 TB - slots: 8 - AIT ( 50 GB / 130 GB ) - AIT-2 - SCSI LVD/SE - external

Sony Electronics is helping small businesses automate their backup processes with a family of convenient Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) desktop autoloaders. The sleek StorStation autoloaders are the latest in a line of small business storage solutions intended to make regular backup a reality in small offices and corporate departments. One AIT drive and eight tape cartridge slots are housed in the LIB-D81 to store more than a week's worth of high-capacity backup without daily manual tape changes. The tapes can be easily loaded and unloaded through the front door, and collectively feature native capacities from 280 to 800 GB. At just eight inches high, the autoloader is only slightly larger than a standalone drive, allowing for simple placement on a desktop or atop a server. It incorporates a user-friendly front panel with a message display and diagnostic lights to make backup easy even for those without IT training. Like all Sony AIT autoloaders, the new desktop models have backward read/write compatibility with all previous generations of AIT cartridges. Sony LIB-D81/ A2 autoloader incorporates one AIT-2 drive and eight cartridge slots. It features native capacity of 400 GB (1 TB compressed) and native transfer rate of 6 MB/second native (15 MB/sec compressed).